Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Phone

So I'm tired of my phone. It is simply costing me way too much a month to stay pre-paid. I'm kinda having a bad day. I just feel like everything is jumping in my way. I'm always so distracted, I had hours and hours of time schedualed for different things. Then something more important comes and jumps in the way. Some how still at the end of the day I feel like I didn't get anything done. Do I really need to ask how the guys on my floor are doing? But, if I don't will anyone ask them, not in passing. Who will clean my desk? Who will help someone with their fried computer. Now still I don't miss assignments and I still get A's on them. I just feel like I'm wearing myself out by doing it this way. Justin always gets on me about all the caffeene I drink. 18 hours doesn't seem like enough time awake and 6 hours doesn't seem like enough time asleep (last night I got 5). Anyway that was enough self counseling... lol. I feel better. If any of the three people who read this care to give any clue on how to get things done. Feel free. (Get off the computer) I did get most of my stuff done yesterday. I even had enough time to relax a bit and work on a project for just fun. I'm going to outline a lesson now I think. Until 7 then I'm going to spend time with Heather. Then I don't get to anymore bc the ole Palm Pilot will wisk me away. :( Posted by Picasa

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