Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Clock

So Justin goes to Korea for spring break to do a mission trip. He does good in another country and brings back this freak of technology. Now as aweful as it looks in the picture, its worse in real life. The eyes and the mouth turn, but not quietly at all or at the same time. Nope, every second you hear clack click clack. Over and over again. But Justin did add the Dilbert callendar which is a defenite plus. You can see it in the reflection on the clock.

I've been having trouble getting things done on schedual. I'm never late getting things in, but working at 3AM is not fun. I think part of it will come down to schedualing my time, but I don't always stick to that. I'm a just 5 more minutes kinda guy. So I know no one read this thing yet... and I mean no one, but if you are no one and have any suggestions be sure to comment. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Sarah and I think this is a very ugly clock. She promised that she wouldn't bring anything that annoying into the room and for that I am truly grateful.
P.S. I know you will get everythig done.

tryDyingToLive said...

Thanks, Justin asked why I didn't ask him to take it down. I told him bc it wasn't really bad. Like if he put up a picture of a Mac we might have words