Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Comic

So Justin is reliving his highschool days by picking up and reading some comic books. There's Spawn.... its ok. Spiderman by Todd McFarlane... havn't looked at it. But I have looked at V for Vendetta and the few chapters I've read have been real good. The best part is it came out in 1997 ish so its all finished so I don't have to worry about them not making any more or waiting for the next one. Its kinda fun to read a chapter once in a while.

Heather's grandma Bragg came today for her birthday. I got cookies that was fun. Of course we went to the Holiday Inn Express the only indoor pool in Moberly. Good times. Only Heather Sarah and Pratt were there from school so it was a bit quieter but I had fun splashing Heather anyway. I think Pratt is dying of Bird Flu. Posted by Picasa

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I'm reading, keep on writing!
G'ma B