Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Console Wars

So this is my console wars listing with some pro's and cons.

#3 Xbox 360. You can get one now for as little as $300 if you know were to look. You can actually buy one this Christmas. It finally has some good games (Gears of War, woot), but it just keeps Microsoft in the game. The HD-DVD addon is useless (except for ripping it apart to put in your pc) as you won't be adding anything else to your games. Didn't Nintendo make this mistake with the 64? There have been rumors about Microsoft working on their next system. They better as this one just seems like a stop gap.

#2. PS3 Sony is just loosing money on this one. Ebayers are in the green. What they were able to get not even half a million into the US? Not a good way to make money. If people don't have consoles they don't buy games. If people don't buy games they don't make money. No wonder they have to charge $60 a game. So why is the PS3 number 2 on my list and not 3? Blueray. I really don't care which wins Blue ray or hd dvd. But Sony is playing it right. 400,000 PS3s all with blueray. Hmmm if they have the option of buying a blueray or hd-dvd which do you think they will buy? Blueray! Who makes the money if people start buying Blueray disks? Why the creator of blueray Sony. Yeah their batteries catch fire, but this was a great move. Long term planning. Who cares about blueray games? Hardly any games overflow a dual layer dvd 42 gigs more really won't matter. But the DVD market is huge and so will be the High Dev movie market. Remember all those VHS tapes you have and now have the dvd of? Same with next generation. Bottom line: Sony isn't making any money off of the PS3, but now their is a reason for at least 400,000 people in the US (Not to mention Japan who has more and is more likely adopt a new technology) who will buy blueray... long term planning.

#1. Wii. Why? They were the only one who didn't loose money on every console sold. They are making so much right now. Not only that their inferior technology is easier to make so 4 million Wiis are sold in US. If everyone buys a game Nintendo wins. They all sold out. Nintendo made money. They aren't mixed up with blue ray or hd dvd. At the same time, Nintendo cannot get wrapped up in things like that. Sony isn't likely to go under, Microsoft isn't likely to go under. But if Nintendo goes a billion under on their hardware (cough xbox) they don't have an operating system or bigscreen tvs to make up the loss. They just made fun games and are making millions. I wonder how it will do in the long term.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Poem

by Kourtney

i never knew you till now.
i dont know why,
and i don't know how.
i see your face everyday.
why dont i ever look your way?
i speak to you in my dreams.
but nothing is what it seems.
i write your name on my hand.
i just dont understand.
i listen when you talk to me.
i look in your eyes when you walk to me.
i held your hand when you set me free.
i cried when you left me.
i didnt know what to do.
because i never really knew you.