Friday, June 09, 2006

The Year

It is officially only one year until Heather and I get married. The church has been reserved. Oh my goodness. Only 366 days to finish my internship, finish my schooling, and find a job.... near Heather. Oh my. Oh well. That which needs to get done gets done. So all that will too. Rawr!

My internship is going well. Most of my time I spend in the basement of Arza's house. Today I started planning a new program. A simple teen worship service. No bells. No whistles. As much of a public place as we can manage, as much of a band as we can round up. Worshiping God figureing out who this Jesus Christ is and what is this Christianity He started.

Hello to all the good people at NGCC who just found out about my blog. I miss you all. I pray that the youth of NGCC will grow spiritually and in numbers. It is my hope that you can find the leadership for the youth you need. It may be closer than you think. It may be you.

I've started playing my bass again. It seems everytime I go back to playing it I learn something new. I've finally gotten the pat of worship songs yay! Gotten.... is that a word? Anyway I hope that we will have a sound system for the teen worship program. Then I can put it to good use. Heather comforts me: "Time will tell"

I was able to hang out with the kids some more this past week. Its been 2 weeks since I've been here. I went to camp and saw 3 of the kids. Went to a baseball game to see a couple more. I went and saw 2 of the boys and we did a slideshow together. Finally, I went to the diner where one girl works and ate some onion rings there. I'm alot happier that I just got to see them. I threw out one of my lessons at the last moment on sunday. I didn't like the one in the book, so I went off of that theme. I did the same lesson on wednessday. There was a skit a girl and I did and she wore my grey hoodie. So as I was welcoming everyone I pretended I smelled something nasty. So I sniffed around till I got to her. So I told her to take off that hoodie and put on this nice red jacket. I left the room and she took off the red jacket and put back on the hoodie. I came back and was shocked at what she did. Why would you put back on that nasty thing? Why when we are clothed with Christ do we sometimes put back on the disgusting clothes of sin?

May God hear our prayers and smell a sweat fregrance. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Couple

So Shane and Beth got married yesterday. So Julia and I went and attended. I was very nice. I did alot more than I expected which was nothing. I ended up playing music, serving communion, running sound, buying cables and taking 325 pictures or so. In the end it was really fun.

They look so good together.

Anyway I also preached today. That went well. Their stage was alot higher than New Galilee's so I was afraid I would get altitude sickness and tumble down over the comunion table.

My internship is going good. I'm getting my work done, enjoying my time here. I still miss Heather way much, but I get to see her soon. Yay! I can't wait.

Oh well I have a meeting tomorrow morning so I will see you all laters. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Internship

This is Arza, the man I'm staying with this summer. He's the kind of guy that impresses Mr. Pelfrey. He's written volumes and volumes of lessons, historical documents, and devotionals. Right now he's working on 365 lessons for the year. Each day he writes a lesson or two hes about 23 days ahead of schedual right now. He estimates it will take him over 600 hours to get them all done. Its really nice to be able to spend time with a guy who spends his time thinking about Biblical things. While he has no formal training in such scholarly things, he continually dives deeper into what he does not know. He said something today that I nearly did, "The more I learn the less I know". I've thought this alot about what I study. I'm glad to be near someone like this. Unfortunatly, he is also very keen at rummy. :)

My internship is going good. Though sometimes I feel like I'm wasting some of my time. I'm making photo copies and writing lessons and doing lessons, but I wish I could be doing a little more. I kinda just want to hang out with the kids some. Not to be cool and get on their good side or anything, but just to get to know them and be a role model. Anyway I'll be talking to Kathy about that some. Anyway I'm starting on a lesson plan through James. I'm still on the intro. I think I need to introduce the idea of the canon to the kids. I doubt they've ever even thought about where the Bible came from. It will be a good lesson. I actually wrote a program for VBS... yes an actual computer program. You see I am incharge of the point system for VBS to encourage the kids to show up bring their Bibles and to do their memory work. But I thought if we just add up the figures then wouldn't larger classes do better than smaller classes? So I created a formula so that the kids would gain points based on their potential rather than their shear numbers. In order to do this with half a dozen classes in about five minutes it was clear that something was needed. Thus the VBS Point System Calculator was born. It is written in Python and it took me two evenings to write, but I think it will be worth it when the time comes. If nothing else it gave me something to do on my day off. :) I think thats it, I'm going to KC with Julia to Shane and Beth's wedding. Bachelor party!!!..... which means coke and fries!! Bye all I miss you. Posted by Picasa