Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Eulogy


August 21, 2002 - April 28,2006

Devoted PC, Loving Compy,with a CPU of Gold

Lappy, after nearly 4 years of hard service has passed away. Efforts to resessitate it failed today and it was pronounced dead at 2:43 PM CST. Lappy spent most of its days in hands or lap of Mark Lee. Mark said: loosing lappy is like loosing half my brain, one hand, and a friend that doesn't speak much.

Plans are underway to part the machine for spare cash. If you would like to contribute to the new lappy for Mark fund send all your checks to him.

Lappy left behind, a mouse, a webcam, and several CD's. The AC addapter commented that it never thought that it would outlive Lappy. The news was a shock.

Lappy, if you are up there, we miss you.

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Anonymous said...

"Lappy fund" has $5 on the way! I just don't have extra $ in my budget right now....sorry (sad face).
G'ma B