Monday, January 01, 2007

The End of the Year

So 2006 is done. 2007 is here. 2006 brought about all of my best guy friends getting married. First Shane, Clifton, now Justin. Clifton and Nikki are pregnant with twins. They have a cat. I'm now done with school and looking for a job. Living at home isn't that exciting. I had my internship, but it really doesn't ever end. I am now officially engaged after being un-officially for well over a year. Justin and I started another blog. He's been kinda busy lately so I've been keeping things held up. Heather and I have been apart for way too much this year, but we were able to spend more time together toward the end of the year. I miss her. I was able to preach a couple weddings. Heather and I are working on ours. May your 2007 be filled with joy and fresh fruit!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you. And thanks for the update. Enjoyed mom's pictures. Sorry you haven't found your DS yet. Was good to spend time with you and Heather at Christmas. What a great surprise you pulled off!!
God's Blessings.
Grandma B