Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Anti-Folk

So I really like Regina Spektor's music.

The best ones are the "I" and "music." and of course Fidelity.

I've been living at home for the last few weeks. I'm waiting on a church to have a meeting tomorrow (Monday) so see if I will get an interview. If that doesn't turn out I will go again. It's pretty frustrating being at home, but I'm resolved to keep busy. My computer gets sent in tomorrow. I really haven't used it all that much. My old roommate told me I couldn't go a day without my laptop. I've pretty much been apart from it for 2 weeks. I'm thinking about getting back into python programming, but I need a project.


Anonymous said...

If you get super bored I have a couple of projects that you could do for me since they require tools and I do not have any. It's about 2 hours of work at the max. After that you could talk to Dr. Boatman and my neighbors boyfriend. It's just a thought, but no surprising me because I won't always be here. I have a lot of traveling back and forth to Iowa this semester.

Anonymous said...

You're busy don't worry. It's all good. I'm going to try and put some cool pics on my xanga. Heather will tell you.