Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Revisit

So here is my list of thing we must answer before we accept once saved always saved.

Matt 6:14-15

What if a Christian doesn't forgive others?

Matt 7:21-23

What kept the people out of heaven, unbelief or disobedience (lawlessness)?

Matt 13:1-23 Mark 4:4-8, 13-20 Luke 8:10-15

How does the rocky soil (which Luke tells us has a John 3:16 belief) fall away?

How does this passage match Matthew 12:33-37?

Matt 18:23-35

If at first the debt was forgiven, how did the man regain his debt?

Mt 22:1-14

What does the man thrown out of the banquet represent?

Matt 25:1-13

If this parable represents Christians waiting for Jesus' return, why did some wait but not enter?

Mark 9:50

What does the salt represent?

Mark 13:5-6

Why would the disciples have to watch out about being not misled?

Luke 9:62

What does putting your hand to the plow and looking back represent if it disqualifies us for the kingdom of God?

Luke 12:42-48

What happened to the servant which failed to fulfill his master's wishes?

Luke 13:6-9

What does the fig tree represent?

Luke 14:25-35

Who is the builder?

Who is the king?

John 8:31

Why is there an “if”?

John 15:1-11

If we must abide in Jesus otherwise we will be cut off and burned, how do we abide in Him?

If Jesus' love is so broad, how do was stay in it?

Romans 11:22

On what is God's kindness conditional?

How is a branch broken off?

Romans 14:10-13

Why should we not judge our brother?

1 Cor 6:9-10

What does this mean for a Christian who habitually partakes in one or more of these?

1 Cor 9:24-27

What is the prize that Paul does not want to be disqualified for?

1 Cor 10:1-13

Why remind Christians of deadly effect idolatry had on Israel?

1 Cor 15:1-2

Why is this statement conditional?

How does one believe (faith) in vain?

Gal 1:6-9

How were Galatian Christians able to desert Jesus?

If Paul condemns these preachers of another gospel to hell, what will happen to the Christian who begins to follows these teachers?

Gal 3:4

How could suffering for Christ be in vein?

Gal 5:1-6

What will happen to a gentile Christian who begins to follow Judaism (become circumcised)?

What does “severed from Christ” mean?

Who is “severed”?

Does “severed from Christ” have anything to do with a branch being cut off and thrown into the fire? John 15:1-11

Phil 3:12-16

Paul has not laid hold of something yet, what is it?

Does this give us any information about when eternal life begins?

Col 1:10

How does one bear fruit?

What happens to one who doesn't bear fruit? Matthew 12:33-37; John 15

Col 1:21-23

Why is this statement conditional?

What is the condition?

What is the reward for continuing in the faith?

Col 2:8

What is this captivity?

How can a Christian be taken captive?

Why does Paul warn against this deception?

2 Thess 1:8

What happens to one who does not obey?

2 Thess 2:3

What does apostasy mean?

1 Tim 4:1

When are later times?

If we hold to a pre-millennial eschatology, does it matter if a someone falls away from the faith during the millennium?

Why is this important for Timothy to know?

1 Tim 5:15

Who turned aside?

From what did they turn aside?

Can someone who follows Satan be saved?

1 Tim 6:10-12

What does fighting the good fight of faith have to do with taking hold of our salvation?

Does this verse have anything to say about when eternal life begins? Phil 3:12-16

1 Tim 6:20-21

What is Timothy to guard?

Does gone astray have anything to say about John 10:28?

2 Tim 2:14-19

What is the “ruin” of the hearers?

Why is the Christian warned against such things?

2 Tim 4:7-8

What is Paul celebrating?

What does “kept” the faith mean?

Heb 2:1-4

What was heard?

What does drift away mean?

What punishment is worse than plagues, exile, loss of nation, loss member of ones body, and ultimately death?

Why is this language so strong?

Heb 3:1-4:13

Why is there a conditional statement in verse 6?

How does this confidence compare to John 10:28?
What is the penalty for failing to meet the conditional statement in verse 6?

What is the warning in verse 1?

Who is warned?

Why is there a conditional statement in verse 14?

Why is Israel's unfaithfulness and the consequence of not entering God's rest used here?

Why should a Christian fear? 4:1

Why does Paul compare Israel and Christians?

What keeps someone from entering God's rest in 3:19?

What keeps someone from entering God's rest in 4:6?

Why does Paul include himself in those who need to be diligent lest they fall?

How does this fall compare to the passages theme of not entering God's rest?

Heb 4:14

Why exhort to hold fast?

Heb 5:9

Who is Jesus a source of salvation to?

Heb 5:11-6:12

Why does the NASB which is translated by the Calvinistic Lockman foundation translate the verse “since”?

What happens to the Christian that dies while in habitual sin.

Heb 10:26-39

What happens to a Christian goes on sinning willfully?

Heb 12:12-29

Who is it that we should make sure that they do not fall short? Christian , non-Christian or both?

1 Peter 1:5

Does this verse have anything to do with John 10:28?

2 Peter 3:17

What is the steadfastness we may fall from? Does this have anything do to with John 10:28?

1 John 2:3-5

How do we know we have come to know Him?

If we do not keep God's commandments have we come to know God?

1 John 2:17

Who lives forever?

1 John 2:28-29

How can we be sure that we will have confidence at Jesus coming?

Who is born of God?

2 John 8-11

What happens if we do not remain in Jesus' teaching?

Can someone have the Son and not the Father?


For what reason was the book of Jude written?

Why would Judas spend so much money for this subject?

Rev 2:4-5

What does remove the lampstand mean?

Rev 2:10

What happens if this church is not faithful?

Rev 3:1-6

What happens to the one that does not overcome?

If someone's name is blotted out of book of life, what does this say about his past status?

Ps 69:28 Exodus 32:32

Rev 3:7-11

What is crown?

Rev 3:15-18

Why is Christ going to vomit up this church?

Rev 14:13

If our actions follow us to judgment, what do they determine?


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Thanks! I was wondering when I would find time to look up all those scriptures...lazy me!
God's Blessings on your day.

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Cute young lady! New girlfriend?

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Who's the baby?! I had a sleep study last night. I was hooked up to wires and wires and wires. I even had one on my finger. It had a red light so my finger glowed all night long.