Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Burn

So this week was really rough. One Koffarnus test, one Reese test, one Summa project, one 6 to eight page paper, and one 10 to 12 page paper. Before that a sermon, and my computer died.

I made it. :)

Heather is at my house again this week. Yay! We cleaned my room this weekend that was alot of fun... not really. Its really nice to get through alot of that stuff. There was an endless amount of papers. I still need to organize those files. :(

If you are wondering about this burning Torah. It was Dave Pratts project for Torah. He made a bunch of old looking stuff. So to make it look old we burned the edges.

Two more weeks till the end of school. Two more weeks... I miss Heather just thinking about it.

After a week of not posting you think I would have more... oh yeah I love my new compy! Posted by Picasa

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